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WELCOME!! In this Unstoppable Affiliate reviews, I want to share something with you all, particularly those who have tried so many times in affiliation but ending up with the same BS as I did before in internet marketing or IM.

Why many people fail in Affiliate Marketing?

First, these videos will explain the reasons.

As for me, after going through every affiliate and affiliate program information, I purchased plenty of affiliates tip dictionary / product since 2009 and tried many of the methods earning money by work from home through Clickbank, Commission Junction, then PPC in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Craiglist, and how to become an affiliate but none were fruitful. Many info and methods given were incomplete, inunderstandable, indetail and scammish despite their promise you can earn thousand even multi-million whatsoever with just a click of button. There is no such thing as one-click-button for multi-million profit. I can say, I have yet make any income until I discover Unstoppable Affiliate. I have invested my pennies as much as hundreds if not thousands for that.

Unstoppable Affiliate Review

Is Unstoppable Affiliate genuine? The answer is absolutely yes. If you look at any reviews of the same products you will see it all reflects a thumbs-up result. Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton are no stranger in the affiliation business and internet marketing/IM. Andrew Hansen is well respected by other top Internet Marketers, caring and helpful. Among all the money making technique scam I discover, the Unstoppable Affiliate is the only ‘true to your heart’ products. It has and it did help many people generate their income. Below is the video you can see.

Here is the highlights of the content from Unstoppable Affiliate products as per extract below, which is self-explanatory:-

Here is another review by Andrew Hansen himself on Unstoppable Affiliate throughout the year of 2012:-

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Unstoppable Affiliate in 2012: What Has Changed & What Hasn’t?

Firstly we have to talk about what HASN’T changed about the Unstoppable Affiliate system, because it highlights some of the most important principles for search affiliate marketers in 2012.

1. What hasn’t changed is the effectiveness of promoting high converting affiliate offers that have brand name, or close to brand name search volume. This has been the core of my affiliate marketing strategy for 6 years, it has survived probably 20 different algorithm updates, and has continued to be hugely profitable to this day. The reason is, that’s a principle that has nothing to do with the search engines. Selling things that people expressly want is just smart business. And finding those people where they already are is just smart marketing. Google cannot change that fact even if they try.

2. Along similar lines, what REALLY hasn’t changed, is the power of finding small, low competition, untapped search markets, and building an income that is comprised of many small revenue streams added together.

Let’s remind ourselves of something here: We’re affiliates. We’re the little guys.

Our advantage is never going to be that we have the most resources, the most money to invest, or the biggest team to dominate our competition. If we are to make money we have to have other advantages, and we should all know what those are:

a) Our advantage is in our ability to find and enter markets where there may only be $500 or $1000 a month to be made. For a big player, that kind of market isn’t worth it. For us, that could pay our rent. And having 10 revenue streams like that could fund our dream lifestyle.

b) Our advantage is in our flexibility and adaptability. Because we haven’t got the entire farm invested in any one market, we can always move on. We can always adapt. We can always recover. We’re promoting an affiliate offer that disappears… no sweat. Our income streams are diversified, and we’ll find another market in which to sprout up a new campaign.

c) Our advantage is in our speed of execution. When we find a market with potential, we can have a presence there within a day. We don’t have to contact a team, lay down a plan, do up a design, map out the content, or decide on an exit strategy. We’re sole operators or small teams and that means we can capitalize on an opportunity before a bigger company is even out of the gates.

And there are some others. But these are the main ones. Note: NOTHING about these relies on the search engines or their algorithms. That’s why the effectiveness of the UA method hasn’t changed.

3. What hasn’t changed are conversion strategies. What makes someone confident to buy from your affiliate site isn’t dynamic. The search engines change; PEOPLE don’t. The essence of a good piece of pre-sell affiliate content hasn’t changed and never will. And in UA we laid that essence out in as much detail as was possible.

4. The value of reviews hasn’t changed. People want to buy products, and they need 3rd party reviews. Well written, well researched and informative reviews still hold value for searchers. And for as long as they have value to searchers, they will have a place in Google’s results.

And that brings us to the final piece of the strategy… SEO.

What HAS Changed

That has changed, but as it pertains to the techniques we taught in UA, probably much less than you think.

The core SEO strategy in UA is still a wise one: Only high quality links to your money pages, boost those with low quality links as you wish. Nothing much changes there. It’s only in come of the definitions and the fine print that there are minor tweaks required. Those are:

1. Blog Networks: In UA I classified certain blog network links as high quality, and discussed building some of those links to your money site. Recently this year, most of those blog networks took a beating, and so this isn’t something I recommend any more. In short, links from blog networks went from being considered a “high quality” link, to a “low quality” link… by me.

For certain links and certain blog networks it’s still up for debate among SEOs, but I’m considering it a little too high risk and not worth the investment of time when there are equally good but more safe alternatives. Feel free to use them to “boost” your quality links, but keep them away from your money sites unless in very small number.

2. Anchor Text Distribution: This is a big one. In UA I discussed a keyword heavy anchor text distribution where most of your focus would be on the keyword you want to hit most. That has to change now. As I’ve mentioned before, what you need now is a link profile where you have a core base of quality links who’s anchor text is something neutral (like http://www.yourdomain.com) and then a smaller percentage (say 25%) of your links to have an anchor that’s your target keyword or a variation of it. (like one link’s anchor is UA, the next link is “UA reviews” etc)

A minor detail but it’s an important one.

You might find it hard to believe…

But in terms of what’s in the course, that you shouldn’t do any more… that’s it.

If you follow the plan in “Traffic Strategies” and use all the link building methods there in the way described, taking into consideration what I’ve just written above, you’ve got yourself a great SEO strategy.

Could you add things to the strategy to make it better in light of the changes of Penguin? Yes. Some.

Some of those I’ve mentioned to you in my emails this past couple of months, more of them I’ll tell you about in the coming months. I’ve got this weird habit where I don’t teach people about things until I’ve done them myself and have proven them to be effective. Not very “IMy”, I know! ;)

(On that note, you should at this stage look with a sceptical eye on “post penguin link building strategies”. Some high quality folk have done real tests and have data on what works. Most haven’t. It’s still too soon.)


But this doesn’t change the fact that following what’s laid out there will get you results.

It’s still getting results for me, it’s still getting results for friends of mine in this business, and it’s still getting results from students of ours following the UA method. I’ve said it before but it remains to be true that every other week we hear from a student who’s making great money with the UA method now.

I hope this is helpful in guiding your course of action for the remainder of this year.

Here’s to your ongoing profitability!

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